Chakras are energy centres or fields within our bodies. Their function is to energise and revitalise mind, body and spirit thus ensuring we function optimally in all areas of our lives. Traditionally there are 7 main chakras, and when these are blocked this leads to imbalances physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Reiki originates from Japan and means ‘universal life-force energy’.

It is a natural, safe and gentle energy treatment which works on the body as well as the emotions, mind and spirit.

It can be enjoyed by adults, children and pets and works by clearing blocked chakras, allowing energy to flow freely. This will restore harmony and ensure optimal functioning of the body.  During a Reiki treatment you will lie fully-clothed on a massage bed. As relaxing music plays in the background, Livasha will place her hands on or above parts of your body corresponding to your main chakra centres.

 Energy will flow through her hands clearing blocked chakras and allowing energy to flow more freely throughout your body. You may experience sensations of cold or warmth, feelings of deep calm and relaxation, improved well-being or clarity.

A Reiki treatment using crystals may be an added option as crystals positively interact with your body’s energy fields, thus amplifying the healing benefit.

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