Workshops and Treatments

We offer a wide range of workshops, treatments and bespoke treatments. Each with a specific objective in mind. 

Even though Livasha is also a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, she does train and practices traditional meditation techniques and is able to guide towards the solution that is best suited for your specific needs. 


Our meditation classes are perfect for both beginners and those that have practised meditation before. These sessions are open to everyone and gives you the opportunity to learn more about meditation and its benefits. Livasha is available after each session for a Q&A to help you find the right way to establish your unique meditation practice. 

BESPOKE Sessions

These individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. These may include Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction, Reiki, Crystal and Energy Healing.

Workshops & Retreats

These workshops, usually run over a weekend or 4 half days in the evenings, focus on Primordial Sound Meditation, and are focussed on creating calm and relaxation. You will be taught about Mediation from a physiological view and why Mediation works. You will leave the course with your unique mantra (calculated by the Vedic astrologists at the Chopra Centre in California), based on your date, time and place of birth.  As well as receiving all the tools you require to start meditating. 

Refresher Primordial Sound Meditation Workshops

This half day workshop focusses on discussing your experiences, clarifies the techniques you’ve been taught and ensures consistency and maintenance of practice. This normally occurs one month after your workshop and at regular intervals thereafter, depending on your needs. 

Reiki & Crystal Healing

These treatments vary in time from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes and include an analysis session as well as treatment. Crystals can be bought so that the healing power can continue at home. 

CORPORATE Meditation Workshops

Putting the mental health of your employees first increases creativity, focus and productivity. Spending time meditating means balanced workers who get things done. And meditation reduces stress and allows the employee to perform at the top of their game. Meditation puts employees in the right mindset to handle the daily stress and challenges that they face. 

meditation for medical professionals

This day long workshop assists the medical profession by incorporating mediation into their patient care strategy, by assisting their patients with meditation techniques that can assist the patient to feel refreshed, even when their body is not at it’s best. When your patient gets into a quieter state of mind through meditation, their body does not release stress hormones into the bloodstream and the brain releases endorphin, a natural pain reliever.

children & school workshops

An increasingly popular practice that is growing. By focussing on teaching children how to meditate and practice mindfulness as a daily exercise in order to assist them assist them better manage stress and regulate their emotions.


Meditation can help an athlete perform at their best, by helping the athlete focus their energy, practise mindfulness mediation to get ‘into the zone’, and reduce anxiety.  Not only do the athletes perform better but they found that their moods were positively impacted and they were enabled to live more productive lives. 

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